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as_badfic's Journal

Angel Sanctuary Badfic
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This is a community for those of us in the Angel Sanctuary fandom who are sick and tired of the crap that people try to pass off as fanfiction. We realize we might not be able to help the fandom much, but at least this helps kill the pain. Like drugs. ... Only not. Because we're not Katou.

Please read the rules before you join.

a) No flaming. Each other, members, authors. We're here to mock fanfics, and unless the author actually inserts his or herself into the fanfic, that doesn't include them.

b) Don't feed the troll.

c) Do not post a fanfic or a chapter in its entirety.

d) Please, no excessive cursing. Though I'm sure we can handle it, it just makes you look immature.

e) No offtopic posts with the mods permission.

f) Please credit the author. Though I'm sure if you're posting it here, you don't want to claim it as yours, you should still say who wrote it.

Posting format should be:


(Here, you use the LJ cut.)