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First post - Angel Sanctuary Badfic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Angel Sanctuary Badfic

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First post [Jun. 9th, 2006|03:18 pm]
Angel Sanctuary Badfic
[mood |pessimisticpessimistic]
[music |Tourbillon - bara ha utsukushi chiru]

STORY TITLE: Random Parodies
STORY AUTHOR: ShadowsCorpse525
REASON FOR COMPLAINT: Aggravating self-inserts, character rape, and general painfulness:

Katan is standing on the top of a sky scraper, with Maddie and Haley lurking in the shadows. Then Maddie says to Haley, "You know, he is quite sexy, don't you think?" Haley twitches.

Katan's wings sprout out, and Haley suddenly flies out of nowhere and slams into his back, screaming "FLY BIRDEY MAN, FLY!" They both tumble off the building. Then Maddie asks, "Do you need help?" "Yes, he won't hold still!" "Not you, you idiot, him!" "GET HER OFF ME, GET HER OFF!" (insert big struggling scene here) After a while, Haley still desperately clinging to him, and Katan still, without success, trying to pry her off, Maddie exclaims, "Fine! If it'll get you to shut up!" She throws a small bottle of crazy glue at Haley. Katan muttered, "Oh shit, what now?" Haley squeals, jumping up down, then pours the entire bottle down the front of herself. (A/N Not meant to sound sexy) and promptly glues herself to his back, placing one glue covered hand on his sexy ass, squeezing it lightly. "UNWANTED PHYSICAL CONTACT!"

...Wow. What have they done to Katan?

As they arrive at the "lovely dilapidated church", walking in, Rosiel notices the sad expression on Katan's (sexy)face, and the unknown person trailing behind him, a smug smile on her face.(A/N Maddie, not Haley he hasn’t noticed her yet.) "What's wrong, my dear Katan? And who is that behind you" Katan sighs and turns around, as Rosiel exclaims, "KATAN! WHAT IS THAT THING STUCK TO YOUR BACK!" "She glued herself to me, sir." Rosiel then notices the "thing's" hand on Katan's (sexy) ass. "HEY! That’s MY ass!" "Well, technically, its HIS ass." Maddie points out. "Well whatever, I made it."

And Katan was bad? Rociel is... I don't know what the hell he is. Last time I checked, he had a tendency to try and kill those who get close to Katan right off the bat, not bother with possesive remarks beforehand.

(Insert struggle to get hand off of "Rosiel’s ass")

"..Why don't we just take the trench coat off?" Maddie inquires suddenly. "Among other things" Haley smirks. (insert picture of Katan on the ground, Rosiel’s foot on his back, trying to pry off the "thing's" hand) "Yes, that would be a good thing before someone brakes my back, SIR." "Thats a good idea!" Rosiel exclaims, ripping off Katan's coat, among other things, and hurriedly brings him to another room, closing the door behind him. Katan mutters as he's dragged away, "I hate you all SO much right now." (A/N Ooo, sexy images) Maddie chuckles and shakes her head, and starts to walk away. Haley, still stuck to the trench coat, lies uselessly on the ground. "...hello?...heeeellllllooo?" Maddie just keeps walking, ignoring her cries for help and the sounds in the other room.


*cries* It.. just.. I.. NO. Why are there nine chapter to this thing?

[User Picture]From: winter_ruins
2006-06-09 07:44 pm (UTC)
.....You know, I'd say "New paragraph for each new speaker so I might actually understand" but... I don't think that'll help. At all.
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From: fallenangelaila
2006-06-09 08:27 pm (UTC)
You should try reading the full version. Or not. I personally would go with not.
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